With blockchain technology at our disposal, there’s nothing really that can’t be done. Here is a new artistic concept of tokenizing culture in the form of art & beyond art I came up with recently.

Art is Culture, Culture is Art also Art is a Culture and Culture is an…


Well if your answer to these questions is No, you should probably reconsider your stand on this technology.
If by any chance you happen to be one of those individuals who has no single idea about what blockchain technology and the term cryptocurrency (you have been hearing and seeing all over…


The blockchain revolution keeps getting bigger and huge each second, minute, hour and day.It never stops growing and expanding. Just when you think you have seen enough of amazing blockchain projects, another great one appears.

I am beginning to think this is just the beginning of a very massive revolution.

There are lots and lots of blockchain projects still surfacing.

From new Etherium network projects…


I recently downloaded the steemplus chrome extension to my chrome browser and i have been using it for a few days now. I can’t help it but say :

i totally love the experience and features inside steemplus. It has absolutely made things very smooth and easy for me especially…

Untitled design (7).png

Crypto!! Crypto!! Crypto!! The crypto universe keeps getting more and more awesome each passing day.

Every single time i get to surf the internet, i always bump into new good stuff. You might have noticed there are very many interesting blockchain projects and ideas coming up. Some of these projects…

Maxwell Bruno

CryptoArtist and CryptoMusician from Nairobi, Kenya releasing content on the blockchain for over 4 years.

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