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Crypto!! Crypto!! Crypto!! The crypto universe keeps getting more and more awesome each passing day.

Every single time i get to surf the internet, i always bump into new good stuff. You might have noticed there are very many interesting blockchain projects and ideas coming up. Some of these projects have recently launched, some are still in the process of being developed while others are already up and running. A good example of a blockchain project that launched a few years back and is doing extremely well is Steem or Steemit as i like to call it. Credits will always go to steem for revolutionizing how social media works.

Have you heard of Appics?

Today, i come to you with yet another useful information about an interesting project i discovered.

Thanks to my curious mind.

There is a wonderful amazing project that i bumped into some weeks ago called Appics

I have to say this before i continue

I am totally in love with the APPICS website. Brown and black is a really unique combination. Pardon me if i mistake brown for gold. If i did,it might probably be because i am colour blind !!!Hahah!! A story for another day. The web interface is also great and i personally found so much life in there. Even though i know too little about web designing, I have to give a round of applause to the Appics team for a job well done. It is surely a golden website.

Guess after giving my thought on the website I can now pick up from where i left.

So I read the Appics whitepaper and watched a video explaining what Appics is and how it works. After checking out the whitepaper and video, i never hesitated neither did i have second thoughts on signing up an account on their website.

What is Appics

APPICS is another awesome great project that has grabbed a significant amount of my attention.

I am quite sure it will grab your attention too.I mean….after reading the Appics whitepaper why shouldn’t it

APPICS is the next generation social media appilication rewarding its users for their contribution by issuing them Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

I know many steemians are farmiliar with and know what SMT is. If at all you have no idea what Smart Media Tokens are, check out the SMT whitepaper and more information here .

Rewarding passion

The first words that stand out once you open the Appics website is “Passion Rewarded”. This means anybody who is passionate will get to be rewarded. It enables people to socialize,interact,share content and at the same time allow them to have a source of income.

Mobile app built on Steem blockchain

Appics is built and works on top of the steem blockchain and the users are the main network engine. It is a mobile app that allows any average/ordinary social media user to easily enter the cryptocurrency world just like steemit does. However the main mobile app isn’t out yet but will launch soon on google playstore for android users and App store for IOS users according to the Appics website.

Sharing Videos and Pictures

APPICS app will enable content creators post and share pictures and videos which in turn allows them to earn monetary rewards from likes. Liking, commenting and curating content will also earn Appic users rewards. Verified users will be able to live stream using the app. Appics states that verified Appic users are the only ones who will be able to live stream in order to minimize live streaming abuse.

Post payout

A post will earn rewards for seven days which is equivalent to one week. Posts will also payout after the seven days are complete. If anybody happens to like your post after a post has paid out, the like will be visible but the post won’t earn any more rewards. The reward system is closely similar or rather similar to that of steemit. You may choose a 50% Appics tokens and 50% Appics power payout or 100% Appics power payout.

Tags and Categories

There will be 15 main catergories to post in which include:

• Make-Up • Music • Dance • Charity • Fitness • Gaming • Lifestyle • Sports • Food • Tech • News • Art • Fashion • Comedy • Travel

Business and enterprenuership

If you are a business/sales person or advertiser this is a good app for you to grow your business network. Appics app will have a shop feature that allows integration of your business into your profile. You will be able to upload your product which people can purchase using Appics tokens (XAP).

Secure digital wallet

The application will definitely have a secure digital wallet to store Appics tokens (XAP). Every transactions on the Appics network will be open and visible as it is on steemit. Users will be able to transfer their tokens across wallets instantly within seconds and also send direct messages to each other. There will be a donation button underneath posts in the app to enable a user support other users through donations.

Appics tokens

Appics tokens (XAP) are the main network tokens that Appics users are rewarded with. These tokens are generated through contribution by users to the network. The tokens can be traded and exchanged on exchanges just like any other digital currency.

Appics power

This is a representation of the influence a user has on the Appics network. It also represents Appics tokens. The more appics power a user’s account will have, the more influence on the network.

Appics power will encourage long-term commitment to the Appics network since there will be different milestones of Appics power to be archived which will in turn allow a user to unlock more features within the app. Appics power cannot be traded directly or transferred across accounts. However, you are able to convert it back to liquid Appics tokens by powering down.It also more like on steemit.

ICO and Bounty

There is an initial coin offering that will take place in 18 days. You can purchase XAP tokens using Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Etherium, Litecoin, Steem and Steem dollars. Participate in the bounty programme by signing up an account. Visit the Appics website for more info. You can also follow @appics on steemit.


I personally think and believe that Appics is huge and has a very promising future. Since i am not a whale on steemit and i am not sure whether i am going to be one in the near future let alone a dolphin,this might just be a good opportunity for me to be a whale on Appics.

Check it out guys.

Many thanks for your time.

Image designs by @maxwell95

View post on Steemit here :https://steemit.com/smartmediatokens/@maxwell95/the-next-generation-social-media-application



CryptoArtist and CryptoMusician from Nairobi, Kenya releasing content on the blockchain for over 4 years.

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Maxwell Bruno

CryptoArtist and CryptoMusician from Nairobi, Kenya releasing content on the blockchain for over 4 years.